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Equinox+ Integration

Now, Equinox+ members can get recommendations on what classes to take, based on their day strain and recovery score. If you have the EQX+ app and link your WHOOP account, Equinox+ recommends on-demand digital classes that can help you reach your optimal strain.

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How do you link your account to receive WHOOP recommendations?

  1. Within the EQX+ app, navigate to your Profile's Settings tab
  2. Swipe down to the Connected Accounts section.
  3. Tap Link Account to the right of the WHOOP logo.
  4. Follow the prompts to authorize data sharing. You’ll see a confirmation message in the EQX+ app when complete. 

You can disconnect your WHOOP account at any time by navigating to Settings and tapping Unlink

What data is considered in the class recommendations?

Currently,  the class recommendations within the WHOOP recommendations carousel are only informed by the WHOOP Day Strain and Recovery scores.

Which classes are considered to be recommended?

EQX+ on-demand digital classes are considered based on their estimated workload. Live or In-club classes are currently not considered in the recommendation. 

When can I expect to receive recommendations?

A member will only receive recommendations on days they have a Recovery score - they must have worn their WHOOP band to sleep the night prior & WHOOP has completed the Recovery calibration period (requiring 4 nights of sleep).

Where/who should I reach out to for troubleshooting questions?

For troubleshooting questions about the WHOOP integration with Equinox+, reach out to Equinox support!

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