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Hyperice Integration


WHOOP and Hyperice have launched an integration that enables WHOOP members to connect their data to Hyperice. With this integration, members are able to:

  • Share WHOOP activities, Sleep, and Recovery metrics to Hyperice and receive personalized recommendations in Hyperice based on their WHOOP data.

  • Complete percussive massage and air compression routines in the Hyperice app and have activities automatically created in WHOOP.

  • Review the Recovery impact of these Recovery activities in their WHOOP Monthly Performance Assessment.

How it works

This integration is powered by Apple Health. After each app is connected to Apple Health, data will begin to flow between the WHOOP and Hyperice apps. 

Once a Hypervolt or Normatec routine is completed within the Hyperice app, Percussive Massage and Air Compression Recovery activities will automatically be created in the WHOOP app. After 5+ of a particular Recovery activity has been logged within WHOOP, you will start to see the Recovery activity in your Monthly Performance Assessment, where you will see how these activities impact your Recovery.

After a Sleep, Recovery, or activity has been processed, this data will flow from WHOOP to Apple Health to Hyperice, which will help power HyperSmart recommendations within the Hyperice app.

How to enable

To enable the integration, connect to Apple Health within both the WHOOP and Hyperice apps by following the steps below.

  1. Enable the integration between WHOOP and Apple Health. If you have not yet enabled the Apple Health integration, follow the steps in this article before moving on to step 2. 

  2. Once the Apple Health integration is enabled:

    • In the iOS Health app, go to the Sharing tab and select Apps

    • Select WHOOP

    • Ensure that all permissions are enabled to read & write

  3. In the Hyperice app:

    • On the home screen, select the profile icon in the top-left corner

    • Scroll down to the Connected health and fitness apps section

    • Select WHOOP and follow the prompts to enable both read & write permissions in Apple Health


Does this integration work on Android?

The Hyperice integration is currently only available on iOS. WHOOP and Hyperice are hoping to bring this to Android in the future.

Android members can still log Percussive Massage and Air Compression Recovery activities in the WHOOP app.

If I don’t use the Hyperice app, can I still log Percussive Massage and Air Compression activities?

Yes – anyone can manually log ‘Percussive Massage’ and ‘Air Compression’ activities in the WHOOP app. If you are using a Hypervolt or Normatec for these activities, you can similarly manually log these in the WHOOP app as ‘Percussive Massage - Hypervolt’ and ‘Air Compression - Normatec’ Recovery activities.

Is there a minimum app version for this integration?

As always, be sure to download the latest app version. To check if you have the latest app version, open the App Store and select the search tab in the bottom right of the screen. Search for WHOOP, and select update if a new app version is available. Repeat this process for the Hyperice app.

Where can I learn more about Hyperice?

Learn more about the Hyperice integration on the Locker. Plus, WHOOP members receive an exclusive 10% off at Use code WHOOP10 at checkout and receive 10% off your order today.

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