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Training Peaks Integration

Training Peaks is an app that allows you to create goals, view workouts and fitness summaries, connect with coaches, and integrate with other apps. WHOOP members can enable a one-way integration to upload specific WHOOP metrics to Training Peaks, and this article covers the steps to get started.

Connecting Your WHOOP Account to Training Peaks

  1. From within the WHOOP app, open the menu and navigate to Integrations > Training Peaks:
    Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 11.16.34 AM.png
  2. Log in and authorize the connection to Training Peaks:
    Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 11.17.08 AM.png

Once you have completed the steps listed above, you will now start pushing nine metrics to the Training Peaks app. 

Metrics Integrated with Training Peaks

The integration of WHOOP to Training Peaks allows us to publish nine metrics. These metrics are all a part of a WHOOP member's Recovery, and include: 

  • Hours Slept
  • Time in REM Sleep
  • Time in Deep Sleep
  • Time in Light Sleep
  • Times Woken
  • Total Time Awake
  • HRV
  • Pulse
  • WHOOP Recovery Score

These metrics can be found in the "Feed" tab of the app. 


Can I pull Training Peaks activities into WHOOP?

No, the integration is currently just one-way. Training Peaks cannot send information to the WHOOP app.

How do I stop sending data to Training Peaks?

If you would like to remove your integration with Training Peaks please go to > Settings > Apps & Devices > Manage Connections  > "Remove Permission" for WHOOP.

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