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How to Toggle Menstrual Cycle Coaching On or Off

In this article, we'll cover how to toggle Menstrual Cycle Coaching on and off in the WHOOP app. To learn more about this feature, visit The Locker or our overview article

There are two ways you can toggle Menstrual Cycle Coaching on or off:

By Customizing Your Journal

  1. From the overview page, select the clipboard and pencil icon to the right of Start Activity.

  2. You'll be taken to the Your Journal screen. From here, select the Customize Journal button (cog icon).  

    Note: If you have already completed your entry for the day, you'll need to click the pencil icon first, then the cog icon will appear.

  3. Within Customize Journal, navigate to the right until you see Reproductive Health. 
  4. Select the checkbox next to Menstruating / Not Menstruating.  
  5. Once you've finished selecting/editing your behaviors, select the checkbox in the upper right corner of Customize Journal to save your changes.                                      

From the WHOOP Menu:

  1. Select the menu icon from the bottom right corner of the navbar and then select account & settings
  2. Select the Journal icon (notepad and pencil).
  3. Toggle Menstrual Cycle Coaching on or off.

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