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Sleep Coach with Haptic Alerts Commonly Asked Questions

This article covers commonly asked questions about Haptic Alerts within Sleep Coach.

What are haptic alerts?

Haptic alerts are subtle, customizable alerts made possible by a spinning motor inside WHOOP 4.0. Members can now put Sleep Coach recommendations into practice with a silent alarm that can be set in three different ways based on a daily schedule. This silent alarm will vibrate and wake you when you've reached optimal sleep or recovery.

Why doesn't my Sleep Coach show the haptic alerts option?

While Sleep Coach is available for all members in the WHOOP app, haptic alerts are only available for members with a WHOOP 4.0. 

What happens if I don't reach my sleep or recovery goal?

Your haptic alert will still go off at your set latest wake time!

How long does the haptic alert last?

Haptic alerts last for 30 seconds.

Is there a snooze option?


How do I turn the haptic alert off?

When an alarm starts to go off you can double-tap the 4.0 to turn the alarm off for the day. If you do not double-tap, it will vibrate for 30 seconds and then turn itself off for the day.

Will the alert still go off at the latest wake time if I wake up before this?

If you have an alarm set at 9:00 am and wake up at 8:15 am, go into the Sleep Coach, turn off the alarm and save it, the alarm will no longer go off at 9:00 am. However, if you do not turn it off and are awake before the alarm goes off and after your sleep is processed, it will still go off at the Latest Wake Time that day.

Does the alarm still go off if the 4.0 gets disconnected?

Yes! If you set an alarm, go to sleep, and the sensor disconnects, it will go off at the Latest Wake Time that you set. If it remains disconnected, that alarm will not recur the next day, or on subsequent days, until you pair your 4.0 again.

If my WHOOP dies during the night, will the alarm still wake me up? 

If your WHOOP 4.0 dies, it will not be able to run the alarm. However, an alert will pop up if you have less than 20% battery and save an alarm for the next day.

Can I still manually track my sleep?

Yes, haptic alerts will still be available. However, the haptic alert will not automatically end your sleep if you are tracking it in Strain Coach; you still have to manually end your sleep.

How do haptic alerts based on a recovery score work?

You need to hit the minimum sleep needed AND reach a green recovery.

NOTE: A green recovery means specifically reaching at least 66%. At the moment, you cannot customize this recovery threshold to be higher. You can also still set the latest wake time if you do not achieve both criteria. 

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