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WHOOP Live is a feature that overlays your real-time WHOOP data (HR, Day Strain, Recovery, or Sleep) onto videos or images. Once recorded, you can save the videos or images for future analysis, share them with friends or post them on social media platforms.

Accessing WHOOP Live 

To access WHOOP Live:

  1. From any tab in the app, press the camera icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Alternatively, after starting an activity, you can press the Live camera icon in Strain Coach.

Using WHOOP Live 1.jpg  Using WHOOP Live 2.jpg

Recording a Video or Taking a Photo with WHOOP Live

Recording a video within WHOOP Live changes a bit based on what mode you've selected. Each mode can be found at the bottom of the screen and display different graphic overlays on top of your video or image. 

Live Mode

  • When you select Live mode, selecting the W button will begin recording a video until the pause ◼ button is tapped to stop.

Overview, Strain, Recover & Sleep Mode

  • When using the other modes (Overview, Strain, Recovery, or Sleep), tapping the W takes a photo. To record a video in these modes, the W button needs to be held down for the duration of time you want to record.
  • Once you stop release your finger and stop the recording, you'll have the option to either save or record a new one.

WHOOP LIve Overview Strain Overlay.png

WHOOP Live Recovery Sleep Overlay.png


All modes have 2 additional filters: one in Blue and one in Black/White. To use the filters, swipe the screen left or right.


Saving a WHOOP Live Photo or Video

Once you are finished recording the video or snapping the photo, you should then see a checkmark appear. Tap the checkmark and make sure to save the image or video to your phone's storage or to an app of your choice! You can also email the video or upload it to social media platforms right from the app. 


Note: Android users are unable to save the videos or images directly to their phones. As a workaround, you can either email the file to yourself or upload it to a social media platform, then download it to your phone.

Adding a WHOOP Live Filter to Existing Photos

In addition to overlaying WHOOP data onto newly recorded videos and photos, it is also possible to overlay the data onto existing photos. To do this:

  1. Select a previous (or current) day where you want to show off your WHOOP data, open WHOOP Live and select a mode at the bottom of the screen (Strain, Recovery, Sleep, etc.) with the metrics you would like to share.
  2. Select an image from your phone to upload.
  3. Once the image is ready, select the checkmark at the bottom of the screen and choose a platform to save it to. 

Tip: You can pinch the WHOOP metric overlays to make them bigger, smaller, or to move them around on the screen. You can also swipe left or right on the screen to see a few different filters.

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