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Team Chat

Team Chat enables you to message the other members of your team in a group setting. Talk about that latest recovery score, get the details on today’s workout or just chat with friends - this is your private place to chat.

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Accessing Team Chat

For teams with chat enabled, you’ll now see a count of unread messages on your Teams list. After tapping into a team, you’ll see the Chat tab first, and can swipe from there to your team’s leaderboards as usual. 

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Weekly Highlights 

WHOOP recently rolled out a chat bot that shares positive highlights about your team's progress weekly on Monday mornings. Highlights are based on what your group is focused on - for example, we won't mention strain if your team is trying to improve sleep. 

Individual members of a group can mute team chat at any time, but if your team wants to disable team achievement notifications, please reach out Membership Services. 

Sending a Message

To send a message, type your message into the input box at the bottom of the screen and tap Send.  All the members of your team will receive a notification and be able to see your message.

Adding an Attachment

Want to share your workout details or a photo of where you are? Tap “Add” underneath the input box before sending a message. Once selected, your attachment will send with your message.

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Replying to a Message

Reply to a message within a thread by long-pressing on a message and tapping Reply. Threads can be helpful to keep conversation structured, particularly in active chats.

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Muting Notifications

Team too active today? To mute notifications:

  • Tap the three dots in the top-right within a team.
  • Select Notification Settings.
  • Enable Mute.

You won’t receive push notifications from or see unread indicators for muted teams. 

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Disabling Chat

If you're the admin of a team, and you want to turn off chat: 

  1. Tap the Options menu in the top right corner. 
  2. Selection Manage teams.
  3. Turn off the Chat toggle.


Share how you feel about a message with reactions! Add a reaction by long-pressing on a message and tapping the reaction you want to add. Reactions can be removed the same way, or by tapping on the reaction count underneath the message.


What version of the WHOOP app do I need to use team chat?

4.5.27 for iOS users, and 4.10.0 for Android.

I’m receiving push notifications for my team, but I don’t see chat as an option?

Close and relaunch the WHOOP app. After relaunching you should see Chat within the team.

I’ve closed and relaunched the app, but still don’t see chat as an option within my team?

Team admins control whether chat is enabled for their team. If you’d like to have chat enabled for a team you’re on, contact the team admin. 

Can I message members of my team individually?

Not currently. 

Are messages within Team Chat encrypted?

Yes, all chat messages are encrypted end-to-end at industry-level standards.

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