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WHOOP AMAs are opportunities to learn from other WHOOP members. They spotlight individuals with deep experience in a particular area and provide a forum for the rest of the community to ask them questions.

Accessing AMAs

A few days before an AMA host is scheduled to answer questions, the discussion will be accessible at top of the Community section on the mobile app. After the discussion ends, AMAs are archived and accessible from the Member Stories carousel at the bottom of the Community section.

Asking a Question

The host will typically provide an introduction to get the AMA going. Read that conversation starter and then ask away! To ask a question, tap the “Post a question” box at the bottom of the screen. You’ll get notified if the host or another member responds to your question.

Upvoting and Replying

See another question you want to have answered? Tap the upvote button! The more upvotes a question has, the more likely a host will answer. Want to add something to that existing question? Tap reply.

Host replies

To make it easy to find host replies to questions within the thread, their name will be shown in red and their most recent replies auto-expanded.

Sorting questions

There are three sort options to help you stay up to date on the discussion:

  • Most upvoted: Questions with the most upvotes
  • Most recent: Questions most recently asked
  • New replies: Questions with the most recent replies

Reporting content

See something inappropriate? Let us know by tapping the report button within the options menu on that comment or reply. 


Why can’t I see the AMA feature?

  • To view the AMA, your device (Android/iOS) must be running OS 13 or later.

Why didn’t the host answer my question?

  • AMA hosts do their best, but can’t always answer every question asked. To increase your visibility and chances of being answered, upvote questions you're interested in/want answered. 
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