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WHOOP Team Averages

Team leaderboards have a new look! With the new team leaderboard view, members can compare performance across strain, recovery and sleep over longer, customized periods of time. 


What has changed from the previous Teams view? Members can now select between daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard views across the three pillars: strain, recovery, and sleep. When selecting the weekly or monthly views, the score displayed is the average over that period of time, instead of the single day performance score previously displayed in WHOOP teams. 

Members will also be able to see the overall team average for the specific periods of time desired, displayed in the top right hand corner of each pillar.


How do I select a time period to view? Utilizing the picker in the left hand corner, members can toggle between the specific dates they are interested in viewing, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly, as well as sort by particular metrics related to each pillar. 

For Strain, members can sort by day strain, activity, and calories. For recovery, they can view recovery score, HRV and RHR. For sleep, they can toggle through overall performance or hours of sleep. 

We are excited for our members to be able to compare performance across longer periods of time, shining light on sustained wellness and highlighting performance trends through a broader lens. 

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