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WHOOP 4.0 - Android Connectivity and Pairing

This article covers the steps to pair your WHOOP 4.0 to the WHOOP mobile app. These steps are applicable for Android phones. 

IMPORTANT NOTEUpon receiving your new WHOOP, if you notice that your device is not charged, please charge your battery pack and your device. However, if you attempt to charge your WHOOP/battery pack and are unable to, please contact Membership Services directly for assistance.

Pairing Your WHOOP 4.0

NOTE: All pairing must take place inside the WHOOP app on both Android and iOS. Pairing your WHOOP 4.0 through your mobile device's system settings may lead to errors.

Follow the steps below or watch our video on how to pair your WHOOP 4.0 to your Android device. Before beginning the pairing process, make sure your Android device is not in low power mode.

1. Force stop the WHOOP app.

2. Open the Android device settings app and select Bluetooth. If your device is found under My Devices, select the icon next to your WHOOP ID and then select Forget This Device.

NOTE: You can confirm this step worked when you no longer see your WHOOP 4.0 listed in My Devices. If you still see your WHOOP listed after forgetting it from the list, you may need to forget the device one more time.

3. Restart your mobile device.

4. Once your mobile device has turned back on, put your WHOOP 4.0 into pairing mode by first holding the sensor by its sides with your thumb and index finger. Do not cover the underside of the sensor or place the sensor down on a flat surface during this process. Doing so will deactivate pairing mode. 

5. Next, tap the top of the sensor firmly and repeatedly until the blue LED on the side of the sensor begins pulsing. This process may take 15-20 seconds. 

pairing mode_4.0.gif

NOTE: The pulsing blue LED indicates that your 4.0 is in pairing mode. It will remain in this mode for up to 3 minutes until it successfully pairs. After the 4.0 finishes pairing, the light sequence will stop.

6. Navigate to the menu and select Device Settings. Select the Advanced tab followed by Pair a Device. Next, find your WHOOP 4.0 listed and select it to pair.

If you're still unable to connect, wait until the light sequence has stopped and repeat the steps above. For additional assistance, contact Membership Services.

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