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About the Battery Pack LEDs

In this article article, we'll cover how to interpret the LEDs on your 3.0 battery pack.


Charging your 3.0 battery pack

The 3.0 battery pack has four LEDs on its top left side. When you plug the 3.0 battery pack into a power source, the topmost oval-shaped LED will turn on to indicate the pack's current charge level: 

Solid red Charging
Solid green Fully charged

When a battery pack is fully charged, it can then be used to charge your WHOOP one full time.

Charging your WHOOP 3.0

After charging your battery pack and attaching it to your WHOOP 3.0, the 3 small LEDs underneath the topmost oval-shaped LED will flash to indicate the battery level or pairing status of your 3.0.

After a few seconds, these LEDs will turn off. To check your 3.0's battery level at any time, double-tap on the top of your WHOOP sensor. Check out About the WHOOP 3.0 LEDs for more.

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