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How much data is stored on my WHOOP 4.0?

The WHOOP 4.0 records up to 2 weeks worth of data. It just works.

When your WHOOP 4.0 is near your mobile device, it will continuously update data in your WHOOP mobile app via Bluetooth. However, if you’re out of Bluetooth range, your data is stored until it is able to sync to the mobile app. If your WHOOP 4.0 has battery power and continues to be charged, you can store up to 2 weeks’ worth of data without needing to sync to your mobile app. Enjoy your woodland retreat, backcountry hike, or that trip without service – with a Bluetooth connection, WHOOP will continue recording your data. 

Once your WHOOP is synced to your mobile device with cellular service or a WiFi connection, it will process the recorded data. If your WHOOP is not able to sync with the app before its 2-week data capacity is met, the oldest data will be abandoned to make room for more current data. 

How does it work?

  • To get the best experience, check that your WHOOP 4.0 is updated to the latest firmware version - learn how here
  • Data transfer from the WHOOP 4.0 to a mobile device requires a Bluetooth connection. Data processing to display metrics requires a cellular or WiFi connection.

  • If your WHOOP hasn’t been connected to a mobile device for some time, you’ll see a “data catching up message” the next time you open the app. Depending on the amount of data stored, it will take some time to transfer and process - learn more here.

  • Battery life is not impacted by additional data storage.

  • Note: WHOOP 3.0, older firmware versions, and special firmware versions used for data collection studies or organizations have a smaller 3-day data capacity. 

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