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Checking Your WHOOP's Battery Level

There are two ways to check your WHOOP 3.0's battery level:

Using the WHOOP app

You can see your 3.0's current battery level at the bottom of the Overview screen:

WHOOP Battery Level Overview.png

Tapping your WHOOP

You can check your 3.0's approximate battery level by double-tapping on the top of the sensor and observing the LEDs: 

Battery Level GIF.gif

LED pattern WHOOP battery level
3 solid white LEDs 100%
2 solid white + 1 blinking white 80-99%
2 solid white 60-79%
1 solid white + 1 blinking white 40-59%
1 solid white 20-39%
1 blinking white 10-19%
1 solid red 5-9%
1 blinking red 5%


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