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How Do I Charge My WHOOP 3.0?

This article covers the process of charging your WHOOP 3.0.

Checking your 3.0's battery level

There are two ways to check your WHOOP 3.0's battery level:

Using the WHOOP app

You can see your 3.0's current battery level at the bottom of the Overview screen:


Tapping your WHOOP

You can check your 3.0's approximate battery level by double-tapping on the top of the sensor and observing the LEDs:


LED pattern WHOOP battery level
3 solid white LEDs  100%
2 solid white + 1 blinking white 80-99%
2 solid white 60-79%
1 solid white + 1 blinking white 40-59%
1 solid white 20-39%
1 blinking white 10-19%
1 solid red 5-9%
1 blinking red 5%

Charging the 3.0 battery pack

To charge your battery pack, plug it into a power source using the micro USB cable.

There are LEDs on the battery pack that indicate when it is charged. A red LED indicates that the battery pack is charging, and a green LED indicates that the pack is fully charged. To fully charge the 3.0 battery pack, leave it plugged in for 90-120 minutes. 

Watch our video on how to charge your WHOOP 3.0.


Charging the 3.0 sensor

After fully charging your battery pack, connect it to your WHOOP 3.0 in order to charge the sensor. To do so, slide the pack onto the 3.0 sensor via the runners located under the clasp, along each long edge:


Reminder: While your WHOOP 3.0 is waterproof, the 3.0 battery pack is not

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