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How to Wear Your WHOOP 3.0 and Adjust Tightness

Threading Your WHOOP Band 

If you want to change or replace your WHOOP band, here's how to correctly thread your new band to your 3.0 sensor:

  1. Connect the new band’s hook to the clasp of your 3.0, 
  2. Thread the opposite end of the band through the top of the inner slot of the Strap (the slot closest to the 3.0 sensor).
  3. Maneuver the band back up through the outer slot, so that the end of the band is overlapped on top of itself.
  4. Loop the hook around and attach it to the clasp.
  5. Adjust for tightness. Your WHOOP 3.0 should be placed on your wrist about one inch about your wrist bone. Your fingers should not be able to easily fit beneath the band - if they can, your band may be too loose! 
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