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Pairing Your New WHOOP 4.0

This article covers the steps to pair your WHOOP 4.0 to the WHOOP mobile app. These steps are applicable for both IOS and Android phones. 

Pairing Your WHOOP 4.0

Follow the steps below or watch our video on how to pair your WHOOP 4.0 to your mobile device. Before beginning the pairing process, make sure your device is not in low power mode.

  1. Take the WHOOP 4.0 off of your body and hold the device by the sides with your thumb and index finger. 
  2. Wait until the green LEDs on the bottom of the device turn off – this should take about 15 seconds. 
  3. Firmly and continuously double-tap the top center of the device.
  4. Continue tapping until the device enters pairing mode, which is indicated by a pulsing blue LED on the side of the device. This process may take 15-20 seconds. 
  5. Navigate to Menu, then select Device Settings. 
  6. Select Advanced Settings, then Pair a Device and select your WHOOP device.
  7. While pairing, you will see a blue flashing light on the side of the device until the 4.0 finishes successfully pairing (up to 3 minutes). After the 4.0 finishes pairing, the light sequence will stop.
  8. If you're still unable to connect, wait until the light sequence has stopped and repeat steps 1-4. 

Switching phones? Unpairing Your WHOOP 3.0 or 4.0

When switching the phone that your WHOOP is connected to, you’ll need to unpair your WHOOP 3.0 or WHOOP 4.0 prior to pairing with another phone. Follow the steps below in-app:

  1. Open the WHOOP app.
  2. Tap the Menu icon.
  3. Tap Device Settings.
  4. Swipe left for Advanced Settings.
  5. Tap Unpair Device.
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