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What to Expect in Your First 30 Days

Welcome to WHOOP

As you get started with us, we wanted to take you through your first month and what to expect. Assuming you wear the Device every night to bed, you can reference the following timeline.

Day 1: Registrationmceclip1 copy 2.png

Yay! You got a WHOOP! And you're successfully in the app. But there's nothing there because you have no data yet! Once your device is on and connected to the app, you will start collecting heart rate (HR) data. To see your HR in real-time, open the menu and select "Device Settings."


During the day you will start to accumulate Strain, and if you tilt your screen horizontally (make sure your screen isn't locked), you will be able to see a graph of your HR data for the day.


Day 2: Your First Recoverymceclip2.png

Yay again! You have a Recovery Score. But it's gray, which means that the system is in its calibration phase. Over the next 2-3 days, we will be learning more about your baseline metrics to offer you accurate assessments of your body. Your physiology is very unique to you, therefore we need to take some time to get to know you. 


Day 4: You're Initially Calibratedmceclip3.png

You have successfully given us enough data for us to personalize your metrics to you. This means that your Recovery Score will now be Green, Yellow, or Red each day. To learn more about recovery colors and scores, check out this article!

NOTE: Strava integration does not become active for new members until after they have completed the initial 4-day calibration period and the Strain Coach has been unlocked (on day 5). 

  • During this time, the member may experience a '404' error (unable to integrate) when trying to complete the integration before their 4-day calibration period is completed.
  • Once Strain Coach is unlocked, the member should be able to successfully integrate with Strava.

mceclip3 copy.png mceclip4 copy.png mceclip5 copy 2.png

Day 5: Strain Coach Unlockedmceclip4.png

You can now use Strain Coach (located in the "Coaching" section of your app) to track your activities. You can continue using auto-detection for these activities as well, but Strain Coach can give you a few insights in real-time and has the ability to track your route via GPS for specific activities. To learn more about Strain Coach, check out this article!

NOTE: As mentioned in Day 4, once Strain Coach is unlocked, a member using Strava Integration should be able to successfully integrate with Strava. 


Day 7: Sleep Coach Unlockedmceclip5-6.png

After your first week, you will be able to use Sleep Coach (located in the "Coaching" section of your app) to help you get the most out of your rest for optimal Recovery! To learn more about the Sleep Coach Feature, check out this article!


Day 7: Weekly Performance Assessment Unlockedmceclip6-15.png

After 7 Recoveries, you will unlock the Weekly Performance Assessment(WPA)! This is a weekly breakdown of your last 7 days of data and is located in the "Coaching" section (provided you have at least 5 days of data).


Day 14: Monthly Performance Assessment Unlockedmceclip8-62.png

After 14 Recoveries, you will now have a Monthly Performance Assessment (MPA) in your app, which can be found in the "Coaching" section.


Day 30: Full Calibration Completed mceclip9-972.png

Now that you have 30 Recoveries, your full baseline is complete! However, we know your body changes and will continue to rely on your most recent 30 days to fully understand and personalize your data. 

WHOOP Live Unlockedmceclip7-12.png

Using WHOOP Live, which is located in the "WHOOP Live" section (camera icon),  you can make custom videos to save or share on social media. To learn more about the WHOOP Live, check out this article!


Additional Resources 

As you can see, there are several features to unlock in your first month once you have enough data. WHOOP needs 30 days to fully calibrate your baseline metrics; however, you can expect to receive personalized information beginning on Day 4 with continuous wear.

While you're getting set up, we encourage you to check out The Locker, a series of searchable articles related to all things WHOOP (located on our website) and our WHOOP Podcast. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Tune In, and Stitcher. 

Additional Support

If you have any concerns or questions about your device as you get started, please reach out to us and we will get back to you right away! You can do this by submitting a request via our website here.

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