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Strain and Recovery Details Screens

Note: This feature is actively rolling out to members on iOS and Android. If you do not see the new Strain or Recovery Details breakdown, please keep your WHOOP app up to date and stay tuned!

In the Strain and Recovery Details screens, you can see in-depth data on your heart rate zone for Strain and Recovery activities within a specific activity within the Activity Details screens.

Available on the Strain, Recovery, and Sleep pages, the Activity Details screens highlight valuable insights. The Strain and Recovery Activity Details screens help show how much time is spent in each heart rate zone for an activity and displays trends to show if you are training or recovering optimally.

Accessing Strain & Recovery Details 

To see the details of a particular Strain or Recovery activity, select the activity from the Overview screen. 

Breakdown: Strain Details

At the top of the Strain Activity Details screen, the Voice of WHOOP summarizes how your data trended during the activity, giving you relevant advice for optimal training.


Under the Voice of WHOOP, you'll find a breakdown chart highlighting the amount of time spent in each heart rate zone (max, hard, moderate, light, very light, & restorative).


Interact with the chart by selecting an individual heart rate zone. Each zone will show a typical range, which is your average max heart rate based on your Strain recorded in the last 30 days. Additionally, in the graph, you can see when in the activity you entered a particular zone. 


Towards the bottom of the details screen, key statistics are displayed such as total calories burned, average heart rate, and max heart rate during the activity.

Key stats will share the average heart rate based on your Strain recorded in the last 30 days, and how your average compares to the current activity.

If you're viewing a GPS-enabled activity, you can view a map of the activity route at the bottom of the details screen.

Note: The GPS section will not be present in the Strain Details if tracking wasn't enabled, if your mobile device wasn't kepy close by, or if an activity isn't GPS-enabled.

Breakdown: Recovery Details

At the top of the Strain Activity Details screen, the Voice of WHOOP summarizes how your data trended during the activity, highlighting relevant advice to improve Sleep, heart rate variability, and resting heart rate. 

Below the Voice of WHOOP, a graph displays your heart rate throughout the duration of the recorded Recovery activity:


At the bottom of the page are the session metrics, which display the minimum heart rate, max heart rate, and average heart rate for the Recovery activity. Underneath your activity score, you can compare your average computed from your Recovery recorded in the last 30 days as a comparison to your specific Recovery activity. 

How to: Edit Activities

To edit the start or stop times for a Strain or Recovery activity, select the activity from the Overview page, adjust using the slider, and save.

Note: you will not be able to change a Strain activity to a Recovery activity or vice versa.



Are there any new metrics displayed in the graph?

No, the Strain and Recovery screens are highlighting heart rate data in new interactive graphs to show more heart rate detail throughout the Strain workout or Recovery activity. 

What if  Strain details aren't showing in my workout?

To see the breakdown of your data in the Strain details screen, the activity must be manually entered or autodetected.

What are heart rate zones based on?

Heart rate averages are based on your max heart rate from the last 30 days. To learn more about your max heart rate check out What is Max Heart Rate and How Do I Adjust It?

How far back is data viewable with this heart rate breakdown?

Data can be viewed from now through October 2022. 

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