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Viewing Weekly Trends

The ability to view weekly trends is an important feature of the WHOOP app and can help detect irregularities, help you determine if you're training optimally or improving your sleep, and provide other valuable insights into your data.

Accessing weekly trends

To view 7-day trends in the WHOOP app, swipe upwards on your screen from any of the main pages: Overview, Strain, Recovery, Sleep.

There are four trend view screens to explore and several trend views to look at within each screen. 



The Overview trends plot each day’s Strain against Recovery to highlight the days that you were optimally training, recovering, or overreaching. 

If you select anywhere inside the graph, it will show you the percentages for all data points listed. The data points of the Strain graph and the Recovery graph do not need to perfectly line up but can be an indication if you trained optimally based on your Recovery each day. 

The Voice of WHOOP at the top of the screen will summarize your week, giving you any relevant advice based on your output.

From any of these screens, you can navigate to other past weeks by selecting the left and right arrows beside the date. 

WHOOP Weekly Trends Overview.png   


Swiping up from the Strain pillar page will give you the option to look at trends for 3 different Strain-based metrics: Day Strain, average heart rate, and calories.

Select each tab at the bottom of the screen to view that data, where you will find a Voice of WHOOP summary and information for each day of the week. Located just below the tab description, you can also see a number: This is the average of each of these metrics for the week. 

WHOOP Weekly Trends Strain Pillar.png  WHOOP Weekly Trends Strain Pillar Avg HR.png  WHOOP Weekly Trends Strain Calories.png


Swiping up from the Recovery pillar page will give you the option to look at weekly trends for 4 different Recovery-based metrics: Recovery, heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR), and respiratory rate

You can access and see the 7-day average for each of these metrics by selecting the tabs at the bottom of the screen. 

WHOOP Weekly Trends Recovery Pillar.png  WHOOP Weekly Trends Recovery HRV.png  WHOOP Weekly Trends Sleep Pillar Respiratory Rate.png


Swiping up on the Sleep pillar page will give you the option to look at weekly trends for 3 different Sleep-based metrics: Performance, hours vs. need, and time in bed. As with Strain and Recovery, you can see the 7-day average located on each tab.

Performance is the percentage of sleep you got compared to how much sleep you needed. 

Hours vs. need shows you how big the gap between the amount of rest you should be getting versus the amount of rest you are getting is. Keep in mind this only accounts for the time you were asleep, not the amount of time spent in bed. 

Time in bed is the amount of time you spent in bed, from the time you fell asleep until you woke up, and includes any time you were awake (not in a sleep stage). 

WHOOP Weekly Trends Sleep Performance.png  WHOOP Weekly Trends Sleep Pillar Avg Vs Need.png  WHOOP Weekly Trends Sleep Consistency.png


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