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WHOOP App Navigation Bar




The navigation bar is split up into 5 different sections/tabs. A red dot will appear over one of the tabs when a new notification is present. Examples of notifications include the release of a Monthly Performance Assessment or an invitation to join a new team.



The Home section contains the majority of your WHOOP data and includes the Overview, Strain, Recovery, and Sleep screens in addition to their associated graph views. Furthermore, you can access your profile, 30-day, and all-time stats by selecting the profile image in the upper left corner.


The Coaching section gives you access to Strain Coach, Sleep Coach, and your Performance Assessments. From here, you can start an activity within Strain Coach or set your Sleep Performance Schedule for the week. 

WHOOP Live  

The WHOOP Live section opens the feature and allows you to record your workout or share your WHOOP data with friends!


The Community section allows you to manage and interact with WHOOP teams. From here, you can view the current teams you are on, find new recommended teams, manage any active team invites, and create new teams to compete with friends across Sleep, Recovery, and Strain. 


The Menu section contains many additional options and settings. You can use this section to refer a friend, edit privacy settings, integrate with other apps and devices, manage account profile and membership, contact membership services, and more.

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