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Logging Activities & Sleep

There are two ways to log Activities and Sleep in the WHOOP app:

  • After completing the activity
  • In real time 

Logging an Activity After Completion

If you completed an activity/sleep and would like to add it to your WHOOP data:

  1. Select the Add Activity icon (person doing a jumping jack to the far right).
  2. The Activity screen will pop up. From here, you can choose your activity, including sleep from the list and set the start and end time. 
    • If you have a 4.0, you can also specify where you wore your WHOOP.

image1.png    image0.png

Logging in Real Time 

You can log an activity in real time using the Strain Coach feature in the Coaching tab of the WHOOP app.

To access Strain Coach:

  • Select the Coaching icon at the bottom of the Overview page (clipboard icon with a W)
  • Select Strain Coach, then Start Activity 

Start Strain Coach.jpeg    Strain Coach.jpeg

NOTE: you can enable/disable the Strain Coach and real-time HR (Heart Rate) while you work out by toggling it on on/off. Make sure your WHOOP is connected to your mobile device before you start your activity. 

To complete an activity or sleep, simply tap on the top of your screen (red highlighted).

You will see two options: 

  • Discard
  • End and Save

Selecting End and Save, and then Save again completes your activity. 

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