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Why Didn't My Activity Auto-Detect?

Activity Detection is a feature that identifies periods of elevated heart rate and higher-than-average movement and logs them as Activities in the WHOOP app. Activity Detection can help identify times when you are active or working out, eliminating the requirement for you to start/stop an activity or add one after you've begun the activity. 


Why didn't my activity auto-detect?

Sometimes, periods of elevated heart rate and movement may not be logged as activities for the following reasons: (see above image) 

  • The activity is under 15 minutes in length 
  • The Strain for the resulting activity is under a level 8 
  • The activity detection is disabled in your app (turned off instead of on) 

NOTE: Activities will be automatically logged once Activity Detection determines that your heart rate has returned to and maintained a normal level. This may take up to 20 minutes after you finish a workout or activity.

My activity says it's "Pending", what does that mean?

An activity will be marked as Pending if the activity's relevant data hasn't been fully synced, or if WHOOP is still calculating the Strain score for the activity.

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