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What is the Weekly Performance Assessment (WPA)?

Every Monday, WHOOP members receive a customized Weekly Performance Assessment (WPA) in the app, provided you've logged at least five days of data (we recommend all seven for the full experience).

This feature is unlocked once you log 7 recovery scores. Once this happens, you can expect to receive your first WPA the following Monday. The WPA can be found by clicking on the coaching tab along the bottom bar in the WHOOP app. 

Note: You can also access a PDF copy of your W.P.A. from by clicking the menu button, then clicking Weekly P.A. 

WHOOP WPA Accessing WPA.jpg 

The WPA gives each member a personalized analysis of their data, actionable feedback to help improve their training, as well a global comparison to others in the WHOOP community. Below, we outline the sections of the WPA:


The Overview shows you a comparison of your Strain balance for the week. The breakdown is based on the defined WHOOP Training Zones: Restoring, Optimal, and Overreaching. These Training Zones are determined by the relationship between your Recovery and Strain.

Directly below is the Sleep Consistency chart, which shows how close you are to getting optimal sleep each night. By comparing Sleep Consistency (going to bed and getting up at similar times each day) with nightly Sleep Performance (the percentage of sleep achieved compared to recommended sleep need), you can get an advanced breakdown of how to make the most of your sleep on a nightly basis. Sleep status is broken into three categories: Poor, Sufficient, and Maximal.

By viewing these trends on a weekly basis, you can use the analysis to modify your behavior going forward to improve the overall quality of your sleep & strain balance.



Scrolling down shows you a detailed Strain breakdown for the previous week, including a comparison of average day strain, total activities and duration vs. your 3-week average for each.

The chart shows Total Activity Duration and Total Activities Logged compared to your 3-week average.

WHOOP WPA Average Day Strain.png

You can also view your average Strain for each type of activity logged in the past week, again comparing them to your 3-week average.



The Sleep section shows a breakdown of your sleep performance for the last week compared to your 3-week average. The reports shows your sleep performance, hours of sleep, time in bed, and sleep need for the week, compared to your averages from last three weeks.

Reminder, to get accurate data about your Time in Bed, we recommend starting an activity in-app and selecting Sleep.

WHOOP New WPA Sleep Performance.jpg WHOOP New WPA Time In Bed Sleep Need.jpg

In addition, this section shows you a Sleep Consistency chart that shows the precise times you fell asleep and woke up that week, along with information compared to your 3-week average.

This chart includes data on your Bedtime & Waketime Variability, the average distance of bed and wake times from one day to the next throughout the week.

WHOOP WPA Sleep Consistency Data.png


This section demonstrates how your personal metrics compare to the WHOOP population within your demographic. Each week a new metric is analyzed and your average will be graphed to show how you compare to those on WHOOP within your demographic. Data is only used from the WHOOP population and excludes all external sources.

Examples include: How does your HRV stack up against people like you? Is your resting heart rate similar to others with the same fitness interests and goals? 

WPA Community Comparision.png


Starting April, You can view your past Weekly Performance Assessments by selecting the View All button to the right of Performance Assessments (available on the Coaching tab screen). 

View Past WPA 1.png View Past WPA 2.png

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