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How Sleep Need is Calculated

Sleep Need Overview

Tonight's Sleep Need is a measure of how much sleep you need in order to hit peak performance. 

Sleep Need is available to view in the Sleep Coach any time during the day and is consistently updated throughout the day - factoring in any logged workouts or naps taken. 

How Sleep Need is Calculated 

Sleep Need is calculated using a combination of the following values:

  • Baseline is the minimum amount of sleep you need each 24-hour period before accounting for factors like Sleep Debt and Recent Strain. Baseline is personalized based on your unique physiology and evolves as WHOOP learns more about you. The average Baseline Sleep Need is 7.6 hours.
  • Today’s Strain is the total amount of strain put on your body during the day. A 15.0 Day Strain adds 37 minutes of Sleep Need, making it important to plan ahead to get enough sleep on high training load days.
  • Sleep Debt is the extra sleep you need tonight because of short sleep on previous nights. Top WHOOP athletes keep their Sleep Debt under 25 minutes to minimize the impact on athletic performance.
  • Today’s Naps are a great way to stay on top of your sleep. Any time spent sleeping during a Nap is deducted from your Sleep Need, making it easier to reach 100% Sleep Performance. The average WHOOP Nap is just over 1 hour.

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 2.13.28 PM.png

By tapping Tonight’s Sleep Needed from the Sleep Coach page (see below), you can see a breakdown of the elements that make up your Sleep Need.


Sleep Need breakdown view: 


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