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How to Convert Naps

Each daily cycle must have only one main sleep period - this is how your recovery is generated. As a result, any existing sleep activities within the same period of time may be converted to naps. 

In some specific instances, WHOOP may classify your main sleep as a nap. In these cases, you may convert this nap to a sleep in order to ensure your WHOOP cycle stays on track:

  1. First, select the nap activity from the overview screen
  2. Select the edit button, and then select convert to sleep.

    Note: If the convert to sleep option is not available, this means the nap occurred more than two days in the past or is not available to convert. Some naps cannot be converted if it would create a daily cycle that is too short (two daily cycles cannot occur within a single day). 
  3. After converting a nap to a sleep, you can review the changes by navigating between the most recent days. 
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