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I've noticed a change in my calories. Why?

WHOOP released an algorithm update that impacts user calorie burn estimation. This update occurred in 2020. 

This update impacts the time periods where your Heart Rate (HR) is between 30-40% of your HR reserve (the range between your resting HR and your max HR). 

Activity types most impacted by this update:

  • active but not overly strenuous (ex: taking a walk) 
  • carrying heavy groceries
  • washing your car
  • playing fetch with your dog 

This update has no impact on HR below 30% of your HR reserve and minimal impact on high-intensity exercise. 

NOTE: WHOOP is always conducting and implementing research to maintain our position as the most accurate and up-to-date wearable available. 

Benefits of this Update 

Working within the confines of a wrist-worn device, HR measured calorie estimates have shown to far outperform measures using motion (acceleration) alone.

To ensure utmost HR and calorie accuracy, make sure your WHOOP is sitting flat against your arm and is tightened enough to avoid movement even during vigorous motion/activity. 

NOTE: WHOOP wants users to understand their calorie intake, but we recommend not focusing too highly on exact count/numbers. The Food and Drug Administration allows a 20% margin of error on the calories presented on nutrition facts/panel. 

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