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The Plan Tab

The Plan tab consists of three tabs and allows account admins or managers to:

  • View the details via the Account Summary tab
  • Change account settings via the Settings tab 
  • Invite new collaborators to join their account or program via the Permissions tab


The Summary tab

This tab shows the basic details of the account, including:

  • Account name
  • Contract start date
  • Total licenses purchased
  • Account admin 
  • Contract expiration date
  • Total active licenses 

It also includes a direct link to contact the account’s WHOOP Customer Success Manager.


The Settings tab

This tab shows certain features that were toggled for the account.

Note: These controls are only available to Customer Success Managers.

The Permissions tab

This tab shows who has access to the account. The permission tab shows a table view of:

  • Account Admin
  • Collaborators, including Account Managers and Group Managers

This tab also allows you to add or invite people as collaborators to the account.

How to: Add account collaborators

From the Permissions tab, select the Add Collaborators button. From there, you can add or invite others to the accounts by entering the following:

  • Collaborator emails
  • Collaborator details
  • Job title
  • Role
  • Privacy level


How to: Edit or remove collaborators

Search or navigate the collaborator list, select the more  Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 1.26.50 PM.png  icon, followed by the Remove Collaborator button.


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