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Concealed Mode

What is Concealed Mode?

Concealed mode blinds access to key data and metrics within the WHOOP app. The ‘More’ tab and functionality remains available.

Please note: While in Concealed Mode, heart rate data will continue to upload as long as the device is on-body and connected to the app.

How do I make sure my device is charged and connected?

Navigate to More > Device Settings to view battery level, battery status (e.g., charging), and connectivity status.

Further assistance for device connectivity and pairing can be found here:

iOS Connectivity & Pairing

Android Connectivity & Pairing

Why am I in Concealed Mode?

Generally, Concealed Mode is enabled for participants in research studies. The details and specific use case should have been communicated to you by your study coordinator and/or account administrator.

Still not sure why you’re seeing this?

Please contact us here so we can further assist you.

What happens when Concealed Mode is turned off?

Full functionality to all key features of the WHOOP app will resume. All historical data will be viewable in both the mobile app and on the web app.

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