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Release Notes: Recovery and Sleep Individual Member Trends Dashboard (v1.4)


The WHOOP Unite release version 1.4 focuses on delivering in-depth Recovery and Sleep metric trends enabling users decision making to maximize their team’s performance. This release version will provide the functionality that existing customers are accustomed to when using the teams web app. We are expanding these metrics within WHOOP Unite in order to provide users with all the metrics they need to maximize human performance for their team.

Features & Functionality Included in the Release

The following presents summary description of the core features and functions that are included in WHOOP Unite version 1.4.

Feature or Function

Summary Description

Individual Member 7-day, 30-day Recovery Metric Trends



This feature enhances the ability for admins to view individual team member’s current metrics Recovery metric trends over the last 7 days as well as 30 days. The feature also allows the admins to compare recent trends of 7 or 30 days to the previous 7 or 30-day trends. The feature provides value by allowing the admin to identify which users on their team need additional support to improve their key Recovery metrics leading to improved Recovery scores. We aim to provide analytics and trends to give insights at a team level all the way to the individual level in order to encourage positive decision-making by admins for their team.

Included Recovery Metrics:

  • Recovery Score
  • HRV
  • Resting HR
  • Respiratory Rate

Feature or Function

Summary Description

Individual Member 7-day, 30-day Sleep Metric Trends



The Sleep Pillar dashboard allows account admins or collaborators to navigate to the sleep pillar metrics, stats and data views from within the individual member profile. It will also give the ability to visualize daily, 7-day and 30-day data trends. The data from this pillar or in combination with Recovery and Strain will provide customers with a better understanding of the individual ability to perform or take on strain or stress.

Sleep Stats:

  • Performance
  • Time in bed
  • Sleep latency
  • Sleep consistency
  • Number of disturbances
  • Sleep efficiency
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