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WHOOP Unite Overview

What does WHOOP Unite consist of?


  • Admin Console for self-service provisioning, activation, and offboarding/transitions
  • Organizational insights & reporting
  • Annual surveys
  • Standard challenges


  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Live webinar kickoff
  • Monthly curated content
  • 24/7 Membership Services support

Extensions of the platform and additional tailored services & education are also available as customization options.

Who can access the WHOOP Unite platform?

Access is granted to the following individuals:

  • Administrators, such as the WHOOP Customer Success Manager and organization Account Admin
  • Account Managers, which are appointed by the Account Admin with specific access levels to manage day-to-day account operations
  • Group Managers, which are appointed by the Account Admin or Account Manager with limited access to subsets of members

How are data & privacy taken into account on the platform?

Our policy ensures that WHOOP data belongs to the individual and will never be shared without consent. An individual’s specific data will only be shared at summary or aggregated levels. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest for maximum security.

Users of WHOOP Unite abide by the standard privacy agreement and terms of service while joining the platform and in-app.

A complete review of our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy - WHOOP Unite

What are some of the outcomes of the platform?

Several reported behavior changes have been enabled by the WHOOP Unite platform. These behavior changes have meaningful health outcomes:


Note: Data from users that joined in March 2020 or later, after being on WHOOP for 5 months.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with us here to learn more about bringing WHOOP Unite to your organization.

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