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The Plan Tab

The Plan tab consists of three tabs and allows account admins or managers to:

  • View the details via the Account Summary tab
  • Invite new collaborators to join their account or program via the Permissions tab


The Summary tab

This tab shows the basic details of the account, including:

  • Account name
  • Contract start date
  • Total licenses purchased
  • Account admin 
  • Contract expiration date
  • Total active licenses 

It also includes a link to contact the WHOOP Customer Success Team.

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 1.11.58 PM.png

How to: Email CSM directly

It's convenient for account admins to ask questions to the Customer Services Management team - to send an email to the WHOOP CSM team from within the platform:

  1. Within the Plan tab, navigate to Summary
  2. On the Have a Question Box, select Email Your WHOOP CSM
  3. Depending on the email client that is being used, a new email will open with the following:
    • The email to field will have the CSM’s email
    • The subject line will include the following text: “Account Name inquiry from User Name”
  4. Complete email content and send.

The Permissions tab

This tab shows who has access to the account. The permission tab shows a table view of:

  • Account admin
  • Collaborators, including account managers and group managers

This tab also allows you to add or invite people as collaborators to the account.

How to: Add account collaborators

From the Permissions tab, select the Add Collaborators button. From there, you can add or invite others to the accounts by entering the following:

  • Collaborator emails
  • Collaborator details
  • Job title
  • Role
  • Privacy level


How to: Edit or remove collaborators

Search or navigate the collaborator list, select the more  Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 1.26.50 PM.png  icon, followed by the Remove Collaborator button.


How to: Set & edit privacy levels

What is the purpose of privacy levels?

This feature allows account admins to set privacy permissions for individual collaborators. This means end users' WHOOP data is protected by privacy level, restricting access to anyone who should not see specific metrics. 

How many privacy levels are available?

WHOOP Unite offers five distinct privacy levels. Each level controls the type of WHOOP data that is shown on the platform. It also controls access to individual end-user profiles and views of their stats and graphs.

The privacy levels defined within WHOOP Unite are:

  1. All Metrics: This level provides the highest level of access to WHOOP data and metrics. Collaborators with ‘All Metrics’ access can view individual user trends of Sleep, Strain, and Recovery data across daily, weekly, or monthly timeframes. This level is ideal for collaborators who need to view metrics at the individual level.
  2. Performance Metrics: Collaborators with access to ‘Performance Metrics’ can view individual user trends of Recovery and Strain data, but have restricted access to Sleep metrics (sleep performance and sleep duration only). This level is ideal for collaborators who use WHOOP Unite for individual and team coaching and performance.
  3. Primary Metrics: Collaborators with access to ‘Primary Metrics’ can view individual pillar scores for Sleep, Strain, and Recovery. They cannot view deeper breakdowns of stats such as HR, HRV, calories, hours of sleep, etc. This level is ideal for collaborators who would like a high-level view of individual metrics.
  4. Aggregate Metrics: Collaborators with access to this level cannot see any WHOOP data at the individual level. Instead, with the ‘Aggregate Metrics’ level, collaborators can view group averages across Sleep, Strain, and Recovery. This level is ideal for collaborators who want to view aggregate group metrics and no individual data. 
  5. No metrics: This level restricts all access to individual and group metrics. This level is ideal for customers who do not want or need WHOOP metrics due to strict compliance rules or preferences.

See each privacy level and the specific metrics visible within it in the table breakdown below:


Who can access and edit the privacy settings on an account?

Internal WHOOP CSMs can set privacy levels for people within an account. Additionally, these roles have the following access:

  • Account admins can set and change privacy levels for account managers and group managers within the account.
  • Account managers can set or change the privacy levels for a group manager.
  • Group managers can't set or change privacy levels.

How do I assign a privacy level?

There are two main ways in which privacy levels may be set:

  1. During the invite of a new collaborator to the account: The invite flow will prompt you to select a privacy level for the new collaborator.

  2. Within the collaborator’s table in the Permission tab: Users with the appropriate role can change the privacy level for a collaborator at any time.


Is there a maximum privacy level I can set for all?

Every account has a privacy ceiling that restricts all account admins and users to a pre-set maximum privacy level.

This is ideal when accounts need to restrict data access by season or for a certain period of time, or to meet strict compliance that ensures that no admin or account user can access data above a certain threshold. 

The account privacy ceiling is set by your CSM. Please consult with your CSM to determine the appropriate level for your entire account. 

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