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The Progress Tab

The Progress tab displays views on the usage and metrics for account members and consists of two tabs:

  • Summary
  • Breakdown

The Summary tab

The Summary tab lets collaborators view both membership activation data and WHOOP metrics.

The membership activation section provides a breakdown of the following information across the account:

  • Active memberships
  • Pending invitations
  • Inactive memberships

Tip: The number of inactive memberships is equivalent to the number of available licenses in an account.


The WHOOP metrics section provides summarized and aggregated data across sleep, strain, and recovery for the members in the account or group selected.

The Breakdown tab

The Breakdown tab shows collaborators with requisite privacy settings a view of sleep, strain, and recovery metrics.

How to: Navigate the Team Overview table

The Team Overview table allows CSMs, admins, and collaborators with the appropriate privacy level to view team average and individual member stats for the following metrics:

  • Day strain
  • Recovery
  • RHR
  • HRV
  • Workouts
  • Sleep performance
  • Sleep consistency
  • Hours of sleep
  • Sleep efficiency

To view the team overview table:

  1. Within the Progress tab, navigate to Breakdown. You may also select a group from the groups dropdown.
  2. Click on View By Dropdown to choose the Pillar: Sleep, strain, or recovery.
  3. The account or group average will be shown on the first row.
  4. Select the custom date range calendar icon to view the data for a given period of time.

How to: Navigate the Member Profile

The member profile allows CSMs, admins, and collaborators with privacy level: All Details to view and filter an individual’s recovery and strain over a given period of time. To view and navigate within the member profile:

  1. Within the Progress tab, navigate to Breakdown. You may also select a group from the groups dropdown.
  2. Click on the individual member. This will take you to the member profile view.
  3. Within the member profile, the navigation tabs are below the member name and avatar or photo.

From there, you can navigate to the following:


Shows details for the selected member. The information provided includes:

  • Member names
  • Member email
  • User_name
  • User ID


Allows you to view the following data:

  • Daily Pillar data
  • Progress data: Strain - Recovery graph


Shows the group(s) that include the member. You can also remove the member from a given group.

Progress Data graph

The Progress Data graph charts a member’s strain and recovery over a given period of time, allowing users to view the relationship between the two.

The graph allows users to view data points that are related to recovery days that were in the green, yellow, or red by allowing the user to select each recovery range within the recovery histogram or frequency plot.

To view and navigate the Progress Data graph:

  1. Navigate to the Data tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Progress Data section.
  3. Select the calendar icon to choose a custom date range.
  4. To view data points for each recovery range (green, yellow, red):
    • Select the histogram bar that corresponds to the recovery range of interest (for example, the red bars).
    • The color data points corresponding to that recovery range will illuminate.
    • The corresponding strain frequency bars will also illuminate on the strain histogram on the left.
  5. Select Reset Selection to undo all highlighted data points.

How to: Use custom date ranges

Custom date ranges enable CSMs, admins, and collaborators with the appropriate privacy level to view member stats and data visualizations for pre-defined or custom date ranges. To use custom date ranges:

  1. Within the Progress tab, navigate to Breakdown.
  2. Select the calendar icon.
  3. Select a start date and end date. The range will highlight in light blue.
  4. Select apply.
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