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The Progress Tab

The Progress tab displays views on the usage and metrics for account members and consists of two tabs:

  • Summary
  • Breakdown

The Summary tab

The Summary tab lets collaborators view both membership activation data and WHOOP metrics.

The membership activation section provides a breakdown of the following information across the account:

  • Active memberships
  • Pending invitations
  • Inactive memberships

Tip: The number of inactive memberships is equivalent to the number of available licenses in an account.

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The WHOOP metrics section provides summarized and aggregated data across sleep, strain, and recovery for the members in the account or group selected.

The Breakdown tab

The Breakdown tab shows collaborators with requisite privacy settings a view of sleep, strain, and recovery metrics.

How to: Navigate the Team Overview table

The Team Overview table allows CSMs, admins, and collaborators with the appropriate privacy level to view team average and individual member stats for the following metrics:

  • Day strain
  • Recovery
  • RHR
  • HRV
  • Workouts
  • Sleep performance
  • Sleep consistency
  • Hours of sleep
  • Sleep efficiency

To view the team overview table:

  1. Within the Progress tab, navigate to Breakdown. You may also select a group from the groups dropdown.
  2. Click on View By Dropdown to choose the Pillar: Sleep, strain, or recovery.
  3. The account or group average will be shown on the first row.
  4. Select the custom date range calendar icon to view the data for a given period of time.

How to: Navigate the individual member profile

What is it?

The profile overview provides an individual’s profile information.

What information is in this view? 

The member profile includes the following:

  • Member user info
  • Overview
  • Strain pillar

Member profile data is viewable across 1-day, 7 days, 30 days, and custom dates.

Who has access?

Admins and collaborators with the appropriate privacy levels.

How to get to an individual's overview

  1. Within the Progress tab, navigate to the group’s Breakdown.
  2. Select the individual you want to view. You’ll be taken to the individual’s Overview.

View individual user information

  1. Click on the user’s card in the upper left corner.
  2. A popup will appear with the following:
    • User details: Includes the user name, email, user ID, and device ID
    • Groups: Shows the groups that the user belongs to

You can remove an individual from a group by clicking on the trashcan icon.

View daily stats

Select the Daily tab on the date picker to show that day’s stats.

The metrics are shown in the three titles for Sleep, Strain, and Recovery scores.

You can view the overview and day metrics for any date by clicking on the calendar and selecting a date. Click Apply to view the metrics for a given date.


Scroll down this page to view the daily heart rate graph. This graph shows heart rate over a period of time.

Any events or activities will be highlighted in blue with their corresponding icon.


View trends

You can view trends for the individual user by selecting the 7-day or 30-day tab on the date picker.

The breakdown titles display each pillar metric with their respective zones during that specific time period. 

The graph shows the number of times the individual was in each zone.


If you scroll down the page, you can view the Strain-Recovery graph. The graph not only plots the Strain and Recovery for each date but also shows the trend over a date range.

Hover over a data point to view the stats for that date. 


How to: Use the Strain-Activity dashboard

The interactive Strain-Activity dashboard shows a user's logged activities, as well as specific heart rate metrics within each activity.

Activities are viewable across 1-day, 7 days, 30 days, and custom dates.

Who has access?

Internal WHOOP team members assigned to the account, account administrators, and collaborators.

How do I navigate to the Strain-Activity Dashboard?

  1. Within the Progress tab, select Strain on the upper left side of the page.
  2. From there, a daily, 7-day, or 30-day view can be selected.


How do I group activities by type?

By navigating to either the 7-day view, 30-day view, or a custom date range using the calendar icon, activities can be sorted by:

  • Strain
  • Sport
  • Day


How to: Use custom date ranges

Custom date ranges enable CSMs, admins, and collaborators with the appropriate privacy level to view member stats and data visualizations for pre-defined or custom date ranges. To use custom date ranges:

  1. Within the Progress tab, navigate to Breakdown.
  2. Select the calendar icon.
  3. Select a start date and end date. The range will highlight in light blue.
  4. Select apply.
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