The WHOOP Level displayed on your profile is based on how many recoveries (or nights of sleep) you’ve logged. To keep leveling up, all you have to do is wear your WHOOP!

When you first become a member, you’ll unlock features when you level up, especially when you hit important milestones.

Just make sure to wear your WHOOP strap consistently each night to track your sleep and level up faster. We want to recognize you for using your membership to the fullest!

Note: This new feature is being rolled out in phases, but will be available to all members shortly - stay tuned!

Guide to WHOOP Levels

Beginner Levels - 0-29 recoveries
Bronze Levels - 30-99 recoveries
Silver Levels - 100-299 recoveries
Gold Levels - 300-999 recoveries
Platinum Levels - 1000-1999 recoveries
Diamond Levels - 2000-3000+ recoveries



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