Setting Up Your WHOOP 4.0

Welcome to WHOOP! We are thrilled to have you as part of our community and excited to help you optimize your performance. Let's run through the steps below to make sure your WHOOP 4.0 is set up correctly, worn properly, charged, and ready to collect data.



Downloading the WHOOP App

Download WHOOP on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store.


Logging in for the First Time

Log in to the app using the email address and password created when checking out.


Upon purchasing your WHOOP 4.0, you should have created a login using an email address and password upon checking out. It is important to use that same email address and password when logging into the app. 

If you were given WHOOP as a gift:

  1. Open the WHOOP app
  2. Tap "Create an Account"
  3. Follow the prompts on-screen to complete setting up your new account


Note: If you were given WHOOP as a gift, your gifted membership will apply after creating an account and pairing your 4.0. You will still be asked for payment information, however. All memberships roll into a month-to-month plan at the end of the selected commitment period. For this reason, we'll need an active payment method on file.


Pairing Your 4.0

  1. Ensure your mobile device is close by with the WHOOP app open.
  2. Ensure the WHOOP 4.0 is not being worn on your body and hold the device by its sides using your thumb and index finger. 
  3. Wait until the green LEDs on the bottom of the sensor turn off – this should take about 15 seconds. 
  4. Firmly and continuously double-tap the top center of the device.
  5. Continue tapping until the device enters pairing mode, which is indicated by a pulsing blue LED on the side of the device. This process may take 15-20 seconds. 
  6. When prompted on-screen, tap “Pair your WHOOP 4.0”
  7. While pairing, you will see a blue flashing light on the side of the device until the 4.0 finishes successfully pairing (it will remain in pairing mode for up to 3 minutes). After the 4.0 finishes pairing, the light sequence will stop.
  8. If you're still unable to connect, wait until the light sequence has stopped and repeat steps 1-6. 


Opening the Clasp

Open the clasp and slide your WHOOP 4.0 onto either wrist - preferably, on your non-dominant arm. 


To complete setup, follow along with the animated instructions in the app as well as the extra tips given below.



Place your WHOOP 4.0 approximately one inch above your wrist bone (approximately 2.5 centimeters) and close the clasp.



Finding Your Fit 

Adjust your WHOOP 4.0 to have the proper fit. If you can easily slide your finger under the sensor, it may be too loose - reopen the clasp and adjust the tightness for optimal sensor accuracy. 


Want to change bands? You’ll never need to thread your band again to wear a new color combination or remove the sensor to place it in your WHOOP Body apparel thanks to the new Fast Link™ Slider. To learn more, check out our support article on changing bands.


Checking Battery Level

Firmly tap the top of your sensor twice. LEDs will illuminate to indicate your 4.0's current battery level.



Charging Your 4.0

Slide the waterproof battery pack onto your 4.0. You can keep your WHOOP 4.0 while charging. 


Note: When you receive your WHOOP 4.0, your battery pack will likely arrive without a charge. This is expected! We recommend you charge your WHOOP 4.0 battery pack by plugging it in using the USB-C cable provided before applying it to your WHOOP 4.0 as shown above. For more information on the functionality of the battery pack, check out our Battery Pack Overview article.


Naming Your 4.0

  • Navigate to Device Settings, which can be done either of two ways:
    • Tap the connectivity status box at the bottom of the Overview screen, or
    • Tap on the Menu in the right-hand corner of the navigation bar across the bottom of the screen and select Device Settings
  • At the top of Device Settings, you will see your WHOOP Serial Number and a pencil icon. 


  • Tap on the pencil icon to rename your WHOOP.
  • Type in your new 4.0 name (you can use both characters and symbols) in the box and click Save


You can rename your device again at any time, and reuse previous names as well. 

Note: There is a 15 character limit, and symbols may reduce the number of characters available. Some symbols may appear differently on third-party BLE-compatible devices. Additionally, the updated name may take some time to appear in Bluetooth settings, or on other products/devices due to operation system caching.


Last updated October 14th, 2021

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