WHOOP Recovery

Recovery reflects how well prepared your body is to take on Strain. It is a measure of your body’s return to baseline after a stressor. The size of these stressors – which can be anything from illness, to exercise, to psychological stress or sleep deprivation – determines how much your body needs to Recover. When your Recovery is high, your body is primed to take on Strain; when it’s low, you may be at greater risk of injury or overtraining during intense workouts.

Recovery is reported on a 0-100% scale and broken into three stages: run down (red), okay to operate (yellow), and peaking physically (green).

Recovery is highly personalized and is affected by many factors, including fitness level, health, behavior, stress, diet, hydration, recent strain, and sleep. WHOOP learns each user’s unique baseline over time, and continues to adjust to guide your training and personal lifestyle.

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