Replacement WHOOP Bands & Battery Packs


Accidentally break or lose your band (or Battery Pack) and need a replacement?

Contact WHOOP Support (for both in and out of warranty replacements):

  • go to 
  • Submit a request 



Replacements Warranty 

All Physical Straps and Battery Packs are subject to the same 1 year limited Warranty.

For Replacement WHOOP Straps, the 1 year warranty starts from shipment date and lasts for 1 full calendar year.

For Accessories, the 90-day warranty starts upon shipment date and lasts 90 days. 

Battery Packs are subject to the same Limited Warranty as the WHOOP Strap, including all of the terms, conditions and procedures described for Strap Warranty.


Out of Warranty Strap Replacement (+Sensor) 

  • It costs $120 (USD) to replace a full WHOOP unit (strap + sensor). 
  • The replacement automatically includes a new battery pack as well.

Other countries: UK: £100, EU:€100, AUS: AUD 187, UAE: AED 440 (all include a new battery pack)


Out of Warranty Battery Pack Only Replacement 

  • The cost is $30 (USD) to replace the Battery Pack (only) out of warranty.
  • You can purchase an out of warranty Battery Pack replacement through WHOOP's online store:

Other countries: UK:£30, EU:€30, AUS: AUD 35, UAE: AED 130 


To learn more about WHOOP's warranty and return policies, visit the following support articles: WHOOP Warranty and Return Policy.


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