How does my HRV stack up against similar athletes?

How does my HRV stack up against similar athletes?

An individual’s highest attainable HRV is determined by fitness, age, gender, genetics, health, and environmental conditions. Maximum HRV varies considerably among individuals, so it is much more meaningful to consider your HRV today in the context of your own recent history, and less valuable to make a point comparison between your HRV today to your teammate’s HRV today.

HRV is also highly dependent on age. The graph below illustrates the average range of HRVs based on age.


HRV falls dramatically with age. Athletes in their early 20s can produce HRVs as high as 180, while athletes in their 50s max out at around 1/3 of that value. Note that this pattern persists even in older athletes that maintain uncharacteristically low Resting Heart Rates.

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