Checking Your WHOOP Strap's Battery Level

Checking Your Strap's Battery Level in the WHOOP App

At the bottom of the Overview screen, you can see information on your Strap's current battery level, if your Strap is connected, and what time your data is synced through.



Checking Your Strap's Battery Level by Tapping the Strap

You can check your WHOOP Strap’s approximate battery level by double-tapping on the Strap and observing the LEDs. 

Battery Levels

Full Charge: 3 solid WHITE LEDs.

80-99%: 2 solid LEDs and 1 blinking LED. 

60-79%: 2 solid LEDs. 

40-59%: 1 solid LED and 1 blinking LED. 

20-39%: 1 solid LED. 

10-19%: 1 blinking WHITE LED. 

5-9%: 1 solid RED LED. 

Below 5%: 1 blinking RED LED. 




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