How do I ensure optimal signal quality for monitoring heart rate?

WHOOP utilizes a method called Photoplethysmogram, or PPG, to track your heart rate 24/7. PPG monitors Heart Rate by shining green or orange light through the top layer of your skin. The hemoglobin in your blood reflects the colored light back into the WHOOP Strap’s sensor, and the way in which the light is reflected allows WHOOP to determine your Heart Rate. The faster the heart rate, the quicker the blood flow, the faster the light bounces back.

Here are some best practices to make sure your Heart Rate is being captured as accurately as possible:

  1. Make sure the sensor is kept clean. Some WHOOP athletes do this by cleaning their WHOOP Strap with warm, soapy water while they shower.
  2. Make sure the sensor is snug against the skin even during the most intense workouts. Learn how to adjust your band here.
  3. If it is more comfortable or allows for optimal range of motion in your workout, move the WHOOP Strap up toward the forearm.


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