When does my app display “Analyzing Elevated HR”?

During or after a period of activity, you may see an “Analyzing Elevated HR” item appear on the Overview screen on the WHOOP app. This is displayed if WHOOP has detected a period of elevated heart rate at least 20 minutes long, and your data sync is caught up to within the hour.

Tapping the “details” button displays a window that explains when the period of elevated heart rate began and provides some explanation about Activity Detection.


Tapping “Process Now” on the screen will analyze the period of elevated heart rate and log an activity for that period. Process Now is useful if you have just completed a workout and would like to see your activity Strain immediately, rather than wait for Activity Detection to complete its analysis.

If you do nothing, “Analyzing Elevated HR” will eventually disappear when the period of elevated heart rate has ended. If Activity Detection determines that this period was strenuous enough, it will log an Activity. Please note that an Activity may not be logged for up to 20 minutes after the end of a period of activity as Activity Detection monitors your heart rate returning to a normal level.

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