What does the ‘Process Now’ button do?

Upon waking, WHOOP must determine whether you are fully awake (which will end your auto-detected Sleep) or if your Sleep has just been temporarily disturbed. If you wake up and open the WHOOP soon after waking, you may see a “Sleep Detected – Process Now” entry on your Overview pillar. Tapping “Process Now” indicates that you are fully awake and the system will begin processing your Sleep.




In some cases, you may see the “Sleep Detected” entry, but rather than a Process Now button you will see a clock icon. This indicates that the data sync between your strap and your phone is behind by more than one hour. Keep your Strap connected and within range of your phone so your data can catch up and your Sleep can be processed.

If you wake up and there is no “Sleep Detected” entry on your Overview pillar, the data sync between your strap and your phone may be more than eight hours behind (as indicated by the “Last Sync” time). Otherwise, there may be another reasonthat your Sleep has not been detected, including a dead battery or because your HR during sleep looks atypical based on past Sleeps (such as due to alcohol consumption).

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