How do I connect my Battery Pack to my WHOOP Strap?

The Battery Pack slides onto the Strap via the runners along the side of the Strap sensor. The runners are located just under the clasp along each long edge of the sensor. To connect the Battery Pack:

  1. Ensure the Strap is clasped (closed). The Battery Pack does not fit onto an unclasped Strap.
  2. Find the word ‘WHOOP’ on the Battery Pack and the word ‘WHOOP’ on the Strap.
  3. Slide the Battery Pack over the Strap and along the runners so that ‘WHOOP’ on the Battery Pack perfectly covers ‘WHOOP’ on the Strap.
  4. The Battery Pack will lock into place once the two ‘WHOOP’s perfectly cover each other. The Battery Pack should fully cover the Strap Sensor when the two words are aligned.
  5. To remove the Battery Pack, slide it off in the opposite direction.


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