Logging Activities & Sleep

There are two ways to log activities and sleep within the WHOOP app - after the activity or sleep has been performed, or in real time.

If you performed an activity or sleep in the past and would like to add it to WHOOP if it was not automatically detected, select “Add Activity” from the menu of the WHOOP app. You can then choose your activity or sleep and its duration.

If you would like to log an activity in real time, you can visit "Strain Coach" in the WHOOP menu, select the activity in the top bar, and select "Start Activity". You can enable or disable Strain Coach, as well as real time heart rate while you work out by toggling on or off. It is important that your WHOOP strap is connected to your device before you begin the activity. 

To complete an Activity or Sleep, simply tap “Finish” at the top of the screen. Should you need to discard an Activity, tap “Discard” at the top left of the screen after finishing the activity or sleep.

Selecting "Finish" will complete your workout or sleep and upload your data.


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