Sleep Coach

Sleep Coach is a tool that helps you better plan tonight’s Sleep, and can be reached through the Sleep Coach item in the app menu. The Sleep Coach screen is made up of a few elements that help you determine when you should go to bed:

  • Tonight’s Sleep Need is the amount of Sleep you need to get a 100% Sleep Score.
  • Recommended Time in Bed is how long you should be in bed to meet your Sleep Need based on your historical Sleep Latency (how long it typically takes you to fall asleep)
  • Wake Up Time is what time you’d like to wake up in the morning. This time, combined with your Sleep Performance Goal and your Recommended Time in Bed, determines your Suggested Time to Bed.
  • Your Sleep Performance Goal is determined by choosing Peak, Perform, or Get By in the drop-down at the top of the Sleep Coach page. This determines what percentage of your total Sleep Need you’re aiming to hit – 100% (Peak), 85% (Perform), or 70% (Get By). Changing this selection increases or decreases your Recommended Time in Bed.
  • Suggested Time to Bed is the bedtime that Sleep Coach recommends based on your Recommended Time in Bed and your chosen Sleep Performance and Wake Up Time.

Sleep Coach recommendations are available throughout the day and are updated as you log activities and naps that impact your Sleep Need.



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