WHOOP Live is an exciting new feature available on WHOOP Strap 3.0.  This feature will allow you to overlay real-time Whoop data onto videos. Whether you’re recording alone or with a trainer or friend, you can now see how your Strain, HR, and Calories evolved over the course of any workout or sport. Save the videos, analyze them, and even share them with friends.  You can also share these videos to your favorite social media platforms.

In addition to this feature, the Live capabilities of the WHOOP Strap 3.0 enable 2 new features:

  • Strain Coach: Strain Coach functionality provides an activity level recommendation for you at any point during the day based on your recovery. When you start an activity, WHOOP will then show you in real-time whether you need to push harder, whether you’ve reached your Strain goal, or whether you’re overdoing it.
  • Heart Rate Broadcast: Users can connect to their favorite BLE compatible apps and devices, including, Peloton, Wahoo computers, Concept2 ergs, and Zwift.
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