Canceling Your Membership

You can cancel your WHOOP membership by going to and clicking on Membership in the menu.  At the bottom of the page you will see, “Cancel your membership”. Clicking this link displays a cancellation confirmation. Once confirmed, your membership will be pending cancellation. It will auto-cancel on your next normal bill date and you will no longer be billed. You can still use WHOOP as usual until what would be your next normal bill date, at which time your membership will be in the canceled state.

Please note that if you purchased WHOOP under a 6-month commitment and are still under this commitment, you can still cancel following the instructions above.  However, your account will continue to be charged monthly until the 6-month commitment has elapsed at which time, if you have canceled, it will not auto-renew.

Once your membership is in the canceled state, you will not be able to collect, upload, or analyze any of your biometric data. Your previously collected data will be available for review.

You can resume your membership at any time by going to the same membership area in the web app.

If you are within your 30-day return period, you may use the returns link here to return your device. 

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