WHOOP Strap 3.0 Android Connectivity and Pairing

Please note the pairing must be done within the WHOOP app and not within the Bluetooth system settings. Attempting to pair within the Bluetooth system settings will result in an error.


Android - Re-pairing a WHOOP Strap 3.0:  

In most cases, you should be able to re-pair your WHOOP strap with the following steps:

  1. Force quit the WHOOP app
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings
  3. Click Forget/Unpair on any existing WHOOP straps
  4. Take the strap off your wrist and tap it until the LEDs strobe back and forth
  5. Re-open the WHOOP app -> Menu -> Strap Settings -> Pair with a WHOOP strap
  6. Click ‘Connect’

If these steps still don’t work for you, please follow the extended steps below to first put your phone into the proper state to re-pair with your phone:


  1. Force quit the WHOOP app
  2. Go to Apps -> WHOOP -> Storage -> Click 'Clear Storage'
  3. Go to Bluetooth settings > Click Forget/Unpair on any existing WHOOP 3.0 straps (Leave the WHOOP 2.0 strap paired if one is present)
  4. Shut down your phone (do not do restart; manually shut the phone off and turn it back on). This will fully reset the Bluetooth system in the phone.
  5. Take the strap off wrist and put it into pairing mode by tapping it until the LED's strobe back and forth.
  6. Re-open the WHOOP app -> Menu -> 'Strap Settings' -> 'Pair with a whoop strap'
  7. Click ‘Connect’               


 Please refer to the LINK here to learn more about the WHOOP Strap 3.0 Blue Tooth Low Energy tips and tricks. 



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