WHOOP Strap 3.0 Android Connectivity and Pairing

There are two main differences with pairing the 3.0 strap over the 2.0 version. The WHOOP Strap 3.0 utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to your mobile phone.
The first is the requirement of location services and permissions being enabled. Bluetooth Low Energy requires location permissions in the Android Operating System (https://developer.android.com/about/versions/marshmallow/android-6.0-changes.html#behavior-hardware-id).
The second is pairing must be done within the WHOOP app and not within the Bluetooth system settings. With this technology, all pairing must take place inside the WHOOP App on both Android and iOS. Attempting to pair within the Bluetooth system settings will cause the strap not to show up within the app pairing flow.

For a more detailed discussion, please see our blog post here: https://www.whoop.com/the-locker/whoop-strap-3-0-bluetooth-low-energy-tips-and-tricks/


Android - Re-pairing a WHOOP Strap 3.0: 

Below are the steps to place your phone and app into the proper state to successfully pair or re-pair your 3.0 strap:

  1. Force quit the app
  2. Go to Apps & Notifications > WHOOP > Storage > Click 'Clear Storage'
  3. Go to Bluetooth settings > Unpair/forget the WHOOP 3.0 strap (Leave the WHOOP 2.0 strap paired if one is present)
  4. Shut down the phone (do not do restart, manually shut the phone off and turn it back on). This will fully reset the bluetooth system in the phone.
  5. Go to the Location system settings, enable the global 'Use Location' toggle as well as the WHOOP app level permission. If either of these are disabled, you will not be able to pair your device.
  6. Open the WHOOP app and login
  7. Take the strap off wrist and put it into pairing mode by tapping it until the LED's flash back and forth
  8. Go to the menu in the WHOOP app -> Click 'Strap Settings' -> Click 'Pair with a whoop strap' 





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