Updated: 09/14/2021

*Removed Guernsey in Channel Islands. 


WHOOP currently ships to the following places:

United States (US)

Australia (AU)

Austria (AT)

Belgium (BE)

Bulgaria (BG)

Canada (CA)

Channel Islands (Jersey & Isle of Man)*

Croatia (HR)

Czech Republic (CZ)

Denmark (DK)

Estonia (EE)

Finland (FI)

France (FR)

Germany (DE)

Greece (GR)

Guam (GU)

Hungary (HU)

Ireland (IE)

Italy (IT)

Latvia (LV)

Lithuania (LT)

Luxembourg (LU)

Monaco (MC)

Netherlands (NL)

Norway (NO)

Poland (PL)

Portugal (PT) 

Puerto Rico (PR)

Romania (RO)

Slovakia (SK)

Slovenia (SI)

Spain (ES)

Sweden (SE)

Switzerland (CH)

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

United Kingdom (GB)

*shop.whoop.com orders only. 

You can purchase your WHOOP Strap and Membership by going to https://join.whoop.com which will redirect you to the correct storefront based on your geography.  If you would like to ship to a different region, please use the region selector in the top right-hand of the store.




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