Which countries does WHOOP ship to?

WHOOP currently ships to the following countries:

  • United States of America (USD)
  • Australia (AUD)
  • Austria (EUR)
  • Belgium (EUR)
  • Canada (USD)
  • Czech Republic (EUR)

  • Denmark (EUR)
  • Finland (EUR)
  • France (EUR)
  • Germany (EUR)
  • Guam (USD)
  • Ireland (EUR)
  • Italy (EUR)
  • Luxembourg (EUR)
  • Netherlands (EUR)
  • Puerto Rico (USD)
  • Spain (EUR)
  • Sweden (EUR)
  • United Arab Emirates (AED)
  • United Kingdom (GBP)

You can purchase your WHOOP Strap and Membership by going to https://join.whoop.com which will redirect you to the correct storefront based on your geography.  If you would like to ship to a different region, please use the region selector in the top right hand of the store.



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