"Data Catching Up"


The 3.0 Strap uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to transfer data from the Strap to your mobile phone.  An important difference from previous generations of WHOOP is that the WHOOP app will need to stay open in the background to continue transferring data and being caught up.

The main factors that contribute to data backlog include: 

- Force quitting the app:

If you are force quitting the app to terminate it, you are indicating to the operating system that you, as the user, no longer wish the app to continue running even in the background.  iOS will not allow WHOOP to run in the background once a user has force quit the WHOOP app and data will not transfer until you relaunch the app.

- Low power mode: 

Please go into your iPhone's Settings (note: the WHOOP App, but the Main Settings for the iPhone) → Battery → Make sure Low Power Mode is toggled off. If it is toggled on it will significantly reduce how often the WHOOP Strap syncs data with the phone.

  - Background App Refresh Off:

Can you please go into your iPhone's Settings (note: not the WHOOP App, but the Main Settings for the iPhone) → General → Background App Refresh. Find the WHOOP App in the List and Ensure this is not in the off position since we require this to allow for background data transfers.

- Airplane mode

In Airplane mode, Bluetooth may be toggled off on your phone, preventing the Strap from transferring data.  Additionally, cellular data and/or wifi will be disabled which prevents the app from sending the data to our servers for further processing and analytics.

- Being out of Bluetooth range 

- Dead WHOOP Strap:

You can double-tap the face of the WHOOP Strap to check the battery life



How long will it take for my data to catch up? 

The WHOOP Strap is able to hold up to three days of data. If the data sync from the Strap to the phone falls behind, once reconnected it will start syncing your data, in order from the oldest to the most recent. Syncing a full day of data (24 hours) takes approximately 45 minutes.

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